What are the benefits of PomPom Paddock Cauliflower Flour Mix?

  • It’s a wholesome, cup for cup flour replacement. There is no need to mix it with other flours when baking.
  • Packed full of nutrients like fibre, iron and calcium, 1 serve gets you 50% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) for iron and 100% (RDI) magnesium.
  • Flavour neutral with no influence on the taste or texture of food, it suits both sweet and savoury recipes

How much baking can I get out of each pack?

Each pack contains 340g of pure goodness.

From each pack you can create any of the following:

  • 3 x 10-inch pizzas;
  • 1 banana bread loaf;
  • 12 muffins or cupcakes; or
  • 24 pancakes

What makes up the Cauliflower Flour Mix?

Cauliflower is our star ingredient and we have painstakingly and very carefully crafted a mix of cauliflower together with other vegan, gluten and wheat free ingredients so that you can use it just like flour. It has no distinct taste, texture or flavour either, so you can use it for both sweet and savoury recipes!

How do I use it?

What’s great about our PomPom Paddock Cauliflower Flour Mix is that it is a cup for cup flour replacement, which means you do not need a special recipe to use it or any other flours to mix it with!

It is neutral in taste and texture, so you can use it for both sweet and savoury recipes and it takes on the flavour profile of whatever you add to it.

Is it Grain Free?

Our Flour is Gluten and Wheat Free and also Vegan! To achieve great cooking performance our Flour contains a wholesome mix of grains in addition to Cauliflower, our star ingredient.

How many carbs per serve?

The good news is that in crafting our Cauliflower Flour Mix our main focus has been on providing a nutrient rich great performing gluten free flour. A 50g serving of our Flour is packed with nutrients, including 50% RDI Iron, 43% RDI Calcium, 97% RDI Potassium and a whopping 100% RDI Magnesium. It also contains 34.3g carbs per serve. The great news is that we will soon release a low-carb pizza base packed with nutrients, which we hope you’ll be able to enjoy if you’re following a low carb keto diet. So, stay tuned.

Is it Vegan friendly?

You bet - as well as being:

  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free
  • Free from artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

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